Genworth Mortgage reduces rates for high-credit borrowers

 · Australia’s leading mortgage insurer, Genworth Financial, has reduced the maximum loan amount from 97% of the property value to 95%. This may not sound like much, however it means that an investor who is buying a property for $500,000 would be required to have an additional $10,000 as a minimum deposit.

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Genworth reduces national borrower-paid Monthly and single premium rates; introduces Adjustors for Co-Borrower and dti. For example, loans with co-borrowers will see an MI rate decrease of approximately 18 percent from current rates, and loans for borrowers with a DTI ratio greater than 45 percent can expect an MI rate increase.

Note: Genworth no longer offers this option to new SONYMA borrowers (file for mortgage insurance consideration received after September 30, 2012 and/or loan closes after January 31, 2013. Q: Is the recapture tax due if a home is destroyed by fire or other casualty? A: No. The Federal recapture tax is not due in these circumstances as long as a.

Genworth Reduces national borrower-paid monthly and Single Premium Rates; Introduces Adjustors for Co-Borrower and dti additionally reinforces importance of Pricing Transparency News provided by

Private mortgage insurance can add hundreds of dollars to a mortgage payment.. the property is sufficient to lower the mortgage value to 80% or less of the home. For conventional mortgages, you pay private mortgage insurance (PMI).. savings you can add to the transaction that will reduce the LTV to 80. HUD suspends FHS mortgage insurance premium cut.

Genworth Mortgage reduces rates for high-credit borrowers Genworth’s updated rate card features reduced rates across all loan-to-value ratios for borrowers with credit scores of 740+ and results in weighted-average rates that are consistent with its existing card given the current mix of business.

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– Facebook – On January 9, 2016 the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced the reduction of it’s annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) rates. Effective on or after January 26, 2016 FHA will reduce the premium from 1.35% to .85% a reduction of .5%.

At Genworth Mortgage Insurance, our business is about getting people in homes and keeping them there. Together with our lender partners, we help make the dream of homeownership a reality for families across the U.S. KNOW MORE

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The Company provides mortgage default insurance to Canadian residential mortgage lenders, making homeownership more accessible to first-time homebuyers. For more than two decades, Genworth Canada has supported the housing market by providing thought leadership and a focus on the safety and soundness of the mortgage finance system.