God Made a Realtor

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and I made a lot of money when I sold the house. Before the housing crash that marked the beginning of the Great Recession, most of us investing in real estate knew disruption coming-we just thought.

Of course it’s called So God Made A Realtor and it appears to have been produced by a real estate brokerage called Intero Real Estate Services.

For the final blog of summer 2015, I thought I’d put together a collection of stuff that reminds us all how incredible we are and how incredible we can be. Let’s start off with this 2.5 minute video called god Made a Realtor. It’s great for realtors from all spiritual directions. It’s hard to be married [.]

Virginia woman gets five years in prison for short sale scams PHILADELPHIA — The woman at the center. sentenced to life plus 80 years in prison, CBS Philadelphia reports. Prosecutors had argued that Linda Weston, 55, and four others held people captive in.

8 Signs You Have a Bad Real Estate Agent . Plenty of people in the U.S. have a license to sell real estate, but that doesn’t mean you should work with them.. like not recommending a home.

He was a realtor, appraiser and insurance agent by trade since 1960, he loved. Watching those boys play ball after he retired made him happy, but his love for. of the Unity Church of God of Jesup, and The Georgia Association of Realtors,

Here’s why Wells Fargo believes in Nationstar Fannie Mae names winner of second Community Impact Pool of NPLs Fannie Mae Announces Winner of Sixth Community Impact Pool of Non-Performing Loans. The cover bid price for this Community Impact Pool is 50.2% of UPB (46.9% of broker price opinion)..Wells Fargo Private Bank provides financial services and products through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and its affiliates. wells fargo bank, N.A. Member FDICHome affordability drops in second quarter HOME Survey: Housing and Economic Outlook Remains Steady in Second Quarter of 2018 Posted on June 22, 2018 by Admin Washington, D.C. – June 21, 2018 ( nar.realtor ) New findings from the National Association of Realtors® show that a high number of Americans, 75 percent, believe that now is a good time to sell a house, while 68 percent think.

Selling real estate is more work that you might imagine and, although there are some very successful real estate agents, there are many who struggle just to make ends meet. From somebody in the business, here’s what it takes to become a real estate agent – and what you should consider before starting down the path to selling homes.

First, it is attributed to Paul Harvey which it is patently not from, probably because of his "similar" speech So God Made a Farmer. The contrast could not be more apparent. Paul Harvey would never have written a speech like this one. It imitates another video which has been around for a few years,