Foreclosure shadow inventory will take more than 40 months to clear: Fitch

DeMarco says FHFA will not consider principal write-downs "We Don’t Follow, We Lead": How New York City Will Save. –  · Introduction1 Many cities across the nation have begun to consider exercising their eminent domain authority to purchase, then write-down principal on, otherwise unmodifiable home mortgage loans facing foreclosure.2 I and several others have advocated this method and cognate uses of government authority to stabilize troubled housing markets for some years now,3 but the eminent.

Shadow Inventory Sacramento Short Sale Agent and Default Advocate Mike Rigley On average, the economy shed 46,000 jobs per month in the first quarter.. 40- 41). Unlike the housing bubble, in which the misperception was the. More than the other banks, Citigroup held assets off its balance. If those had been included, leverage in 2007 would have been 48:1, or about 53 % higher.

The non-agency shadow inventory will take more than 40 months to clear, according to projections from Fitch Ratings. The ratings firm pegs the shadow inventory for non-agency residential mortgage-backed security (rmbs) loans at 1.5 million. For all loans, the total is closer to 7 million.

It was much easier to simply state the amount of mortgage debt represented. Well, here it is, the moment we have all been waiting for. Fitch says the shadow inventory represents 7 million homes!!!!! And it will take an estimated 40 months to clear through that inventory. That is nearly twice the estimation given by some other statistical companies.

Foreclosure shadow inventory will take more than 40 months to clear: Fitch Housing Wire While those loans represent 25% of the entire mortgage market, trends and issues can be extrapolated to the rest, analysts said..

Foreclosure Inventory Projected To Grow To A 3-Year Supply The 40-month backlog, representing 7 million distressed properties, threatens future US housing prices – while investigations and legal delays only postpone real recovery.

According to a report from Fitch Ratings (via a Housingwire article), it is going to take more than 40 months to clear the existing shadow inventory of homes (REO and foreclosed/distressed homes that have yet to come to market but will). They estimate that the current shadow inventory is about 7 million homes.

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Foreclosures, on the other hand, force prices down. They represented more than a third of all sales in April and more are expected in the months ahead. Since the housing boom went bust, sales have fallen in four of the past five years and hit a 13-year low last year.

As defined by CoreLogic, the shadow inventory includes homes that are more than 90 days delinquent on the mortgage, are in the foreclosure process or are already bank owned. CoreLogic expects all of the shadow inventory to eventually become foreclosed homes.

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