Key MERS legal employees turn away from company

 · I have a terminated employee that was working remotely at the time of termination. The employee had company purchased computer equipment in their posession at the time of termination. Due to the circumstances of the resignation, the employee will not acknowledge our phone calls, emails and certified letters to return the equipment.

 · Our Company Policy is designed with the aim to make work environment and company culture liberal, disciplined and safe for employees designated at different levels. So, we expect every employee to respect and follow company policies in order to stay away from uninvited consequences (strict actions against employees) from the management.

In an employee-controlled company, employees as a group have voting control over the company. Ownership may not even involve significant equity rights, but any outside owners are minority or nonvoting owners. Employee ownership in such a company is a means of sharing control and dividing up corporate income among employees.

Most hiring lawsuits boil down to one of these two scenarios: The employer relied on information that was legally off-limits in making its decision, or the employer misled (or outright lied to) the applicant during the hiring process. In some situations, an applicant might even have a legal claim against a former employer who is illegally.

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When a company buy-out occurs, it can be a confusing time for all involved. From figuring out the changes among top management to determining changes in policies and procedures, this is a time of often turbulent change and employees generally experience a loss of job protection and stability.

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When Can You Withhold Money from an Employee’s Check?. "An employee just walked off the job and they still have a company cell phone, laptop and key to the office.. how do we handle these issues without stepping into legal mud puddles?