Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning?

Critics of Seattle’s out-of-whack zoning scheme-two-thirds of the city is zoned exclusively for single-family housing-have been arguing for decades now that Seattle needs to grow up (or build up, actually) and function like an actual city, not a suburb.. This isn’t an argument about aesthetics.

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On the same lot, single-family zoning currently allows a three-story house up to 3,885 ft2, so a rezone from single-family to RSL would reduce the indoor living space by 43 percent. Roughly 900 of the 6,100 lots that the city has proposed to upzone from single-family to RSL are 3,700 ft2 or less.

By doing away with single-family zoning, the city takes on high rent, long commutes, and racism in real estate in one fell swoop.

So what is the correct percentage of Seattle that is single-family zoning? Well, single-family zoning in Seattle didn’t exist until the 1923 comprehensive plan. Prior to that, multifamily housing was legal in every part of the city. This is the reason there are existing duplexes, triplexes, and apartments in many of Seattle’s single-family.

“In every single city and county we studied, the advantaged. if you just get rid of single-family zoning, it's the Mecca,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny.

But where minneapolis approved sweeping changes that eliminated exclusive single-family zoning in many of its neighborhoods, Seattle scaled back its own.

An issue that is a regular hot-button topic in Seattle is the question of zoning and land-use, particularly as it applies to so-called "single family zoning." The amount of land in Seattle that is zoned this way is itself regularly in dispute. Some claim it is as little as 35%, some say more than 50%, and I have seen others argue as high as 70%.

City of Seattle Zoning Codes for Real Estate (Land lots zoned in Seattle, Washington city limits) single family zoning (lots zoned Single Family) SF 9600 – Single-family 9,600 SF 7200 – Single Family 7,200 SF 5000 – Single Family 5,000 (SF 5000 means one single family home per 5,000 sq ft of land)

In what is shaping up to be a potential nation-sweeping wave, Oregon lawmakers voted to eliminate single-family zoning in much of the state. The bill that the Oregon Senate approved Sunday has the.